As an interior architectural design consultancy firm, Metaphor Studio has been consistently playing distinct roles and brings unique skills to our project. We meant to create a successful interior environment through skillful planning and intimate understanding of the occupant. This is to establish the relationship on how desirable a space be use efficiently and aesthetically appreciative. By providing the idea of sustainability we have the urge to generate motivating ideas on how our current lifestyle is evolving and the desire to live formally, we prioritize living with less while feeling the level of luxury is what is essentially important to us as sense of well-being.

Our team gave precious time and effort to understand the desire of our client in the schematic phase of a project. To ensure integrity, our team pursue the design intents and details by providing complete documentation and follow through before any tendering or construction process begins. This is an absolute critical process for time sensitive projects. We fully utilized our experience in every aspect of the design and construction process and bring our know-how to the project, adding grace, opulence and comfort to a space that works. Knowledge gained from experience is no longer sufficient in our design profession instead it demands us to refine innovative processes as well as outcome.